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2023 Confirmation Classes start Sep 13!

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Youth Ministry

Leaving for the National Youth Gathering

Youth Ministry

At the National Youth Gathering

High School Night

Sundays 6:30 PM
High School Night is held every Sunday, unless otherwise noted. We meet in the Youth Room at 6:30 PM and end with an activity in the gym or outside, weather permitting.

Middle School Night

Mondays 6:30 PM

6th Grade Sunday School

Sundays 9:30 - 10:30 AM during the school year
Immanuel offers Sunday School for middle schoolers during the education hour in the upstairs classrooms.

Confirmation Classes

Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Confirmation classes are offered beginning in the fall. In confirmation, students in Grades 7-8 are given the opportunity to reaffirm the promises made at baptism and not only achieve a milestone in their faith life, but begin a more mature faith walk. Parents of confirmation students make regular worship with the family a priority as role models of the Christian lifestyle. Parents are encouraged to pray for all of the confirmation students and their teachers; and are also invited to serve as helpers in a variety of ways. 

Summer Mission Trips

Each non-youth gathering year, the Group Mission Trips team dedicates extensive time and energy to creating a new Jesus-centered program experience through morning and evening programs, crew devotions, and youth group devotions. Programs are designed so that our students don't just look to a stage but look to Jesus. Our students are also invited to serve by leading parts of each worship program through music, drama, Scripture reading, and other hands-on experiences. Group Mission Trips develops service experiences to help people grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other. Following a catastrophic flood in Colorado in 1976, Thom Schultz, founder of Group Publishing, organized church youth groups from across the country to come help rebuild the homes and lives of the flood victims. More than 300 teenagers and their youth leaders worked on more than 50 repair projects. Since then, more than 450,000 mission trip participants have racked up more than 13 million volunteer hours serving people in need. Immanuel’s Student Ministry has participated in mission trips across the Midwest since 2008. Previous trips include Parsons, Kansas [2008], Hawley, Minnesota [2009], Hurricane, West Virginia [2011], Greenville, Michigan [2012], Glenwood, Minnesota [2014], Waterloo, Iowa [2015], and Rushville, Indiana [2017]; Elkview, West Virginia [2018], Chattanooga, Tennessee [2019]; and Mission, South Dakota [2021]. More than 138 different students have participated, with 30 different chaperones working alongside them. Each year trip participants work to earn the funding needed to participate in these mission trips.

First Communion Classes

Communion is a gift from God in which He promises His forgiveness and His physical presence. Jesus established Communion with His disciples and called them to remember Him through this Sacrament. As followers of Christ, we prepare to receive the blessing God has for us in Communion. First Communion classes are offered for the purpose of teaching and equipping baptized children in grades five through eight to receive Holy Communion. Children and parents take this time of preparation to help children grow in faith and knowledge of what the sacrament of Communion means for their lives. The four-week class assists parents in raising their children in accordance with the Word of God. At least one parent is required to attend classes with the students.

Triennial LCMS Youth Gathering

Held every 3 years since 1980, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ and learn about the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. The Gathering is more than the five days of the event. The preparation process for the Gathering brings together young people and supportive adults to encourage each other in their baptismal identity. The Gathering provides young people a vision for the vastness of Christ’s Church and equips them for vocational service as they continue their walk with Jesus. For more information visit or contact Matt Cassidy.

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